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Motivating, Inspiring, Animating.....
           the Spirit of Love is Everywhere

Some wise person once said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  

We journey through Life a day at a time, negotiating ups and downs, encountering challenges and triumphs and sometimes we get so involved with the busyness of living, we forget to truly LIVE.  

We forget that is more to this world than what we see and feel with our senses; that we are part of something much bigger, much more amazing than we can fully understand.  We are meant to be enjoying an awesome life filled with love and blessings.

That isn't always our experience, is it?

There are so many ways to reconnect to the joy and wonder of Life.  When you begin your journey, you'll discover resources that will feed your Spirit, get you thinking and remind you of who are in your essence.  

Is it time for you to follow the nudges of your Spirit?

Whether it is a wedding, a prayer together, a spiritual meditation, a discussion about the joyful work someone is doing, or learning how to create  a more fulfilling and joyful life ... it all comes back to love: Loving what we do, loving who  we are, loving the people who share our planet, loving the Creative Force that brought it all into being.  

Wherever you are and whatever you want is either created, supported, corrected,  or enhanced by the Spirit of Love.  

Everything we are, do, desire, or have is  bound up with Love, and when we learn to bring everything we are, do, desire, or have into  alignment with that spirit, great things happen! 

It’s an incredible journey.  Join us!

We're back!  Absence makes the heart grow fonder - and we have missed being on air with you.  

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